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Use the 'Print' feature from your browser to send this page to your laser or inkjet printer.


Fold the printed page along the horizontal line.


Place label in shipping pouch and affix it to your shipment so that the barcode portion of the label can be read and scanned.

Warning: Use only the printed original label for shipping. Using a photocopy of this label for shipping purposes is fraudulent and could result in additional billing charges, along with the cancellation of your FedEx account number.

IMPORTANT: At the end of each business day, select “Ground End of Day Close” to transmit your shipping data. Then, print the Pickup Manifest that appears. This document is required when your shipment is tendered to FedEx. To access the “Ground End of Day Close” button, click the “Go to next steps” button on the shipping label screen, or click the “Track/History tab.”

NOTE:Use of this system constitutes your agreement to the service conditions in the current FedEx Service Guide and applicable tariff, available upon request. FedEx will not be responsible for any claim in excess of $100 per package, whether the result of loss, damage, delay, non-delivery, misdelivery, or misinformation, unless you declare a higher value, pay an additional charge, document your actual loss and file a timely claim. Limitations, including limitations on our liability, can be found in the current FedEx Service Guide and applicable tariff apply. In no event shall FedEx Ground be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, including, without limitation, loss of profit, loss to the intrinsic value of the package, loss of sale, interest income or attorney's fees. Recovery cannot exceed actual documented loss. Items of extraordinary value are subject to separate limitations of liability set forth in the Service Guide and tariff. Written claims must be filed within strict time limits, see current FedEx Service Guide.